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Don't give up on me. 

I'm vacationing in my home state of Mississippi for a week. I'll return next Monday or thereabout. I come here as often as possible. My home is on the Nature Coast of Florida but my roots are planted Way Down South in Dixie! In fact, I visited Shiloh Battle Ground just over the border into Tennessee yesterday and . . . oh, my! Filled me up. I wanted to sing real slow . . . Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton . . .  Can you hear my accent!

I'm sitting at my sister's computer, very much out of whack because that's just the way I am. I need to be in my own space, at my own computer, with all my books and stuff around me in order to write. I just wanted to check in, as we get hits on this blog every day from different parts of the world. Thanks for that! Please make me happy and leave us a response.

I'll leave a few pictures of Shiloh. I'm such a southern woman! My second published book is about the Civil War, and there's a poignan…