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A Great Feeling

Christmas Eve, 2015
To be nearing the end of another Novel of the Old South is a great feeling. I’m sharing a small piece with you in hopes that you will become as excited about this book as I am. It is the sequel to Rachel, After the Darkness, and part of the series, The Mississippi Boys, Isaac's House, and JOAB. Many of you expressed your feelings about Rachel. You didn’t want it to end. I knew when I wrote the last chapter that it would have to be continued, which suited me fine. I should be finished with the manuscript in less than two weeks. Then for the hard edit, which will take some more time. And the publishing process—well, I cannot put a timeline to that. As soon as it goes to the publisher, I will begin preparing for a month of signings from Memphis to the Mississippi Delta to the Hills of Northeast Mississippi, where I will be at home!

Portions of Chapter Nine Light in the Darkness
The clock in the hall ticked away at the Jamison farm; Jessie, a nervous wreck. She hoped…