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Mississippi-Tennessee JOAB Signing Tour!

Joab went live at the Publisher...

just a few weeks ago—February, 2013. Yesterday, March 16, marked the first of nine signings scheduled for the next
few weeks. My friends met me at Panera Bread in Trinity, Florida, where we stayed together for hours, signing, drinking coffee and tea, even eating some good food before the day was over. I knew what to expect, because my "Café Eclectic Friends" are faithful, always there for me. Every one of them came except one and, yes, he called in! Thanks, guys, for being there, for buying my books, and for cheering me on.
Two of the books have taken to the ocean today and are heading for the Caribbean. A couple will end up in Canada at some point; one will arrive in Maine; one has already gone to North Carolina, and the rest will remain in Florida for the time being! Mind you, these are Yankees reading my Southern stories!

You are invited to any and all of these events, or just pick one nearest you. I'll have loads of all four boo…