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Understandable, Unintentional, Undeniable

I’ve been thinking about getting old and the funny things we do to delay the inevitable. Maybe the way we dress. I have “old” tendencies about some things But not that! At least not intentionally. For instance, I’d rather wear something from a nice uppity consignment shop that some rich woman has tossed out than to wear polyester! I just can’t do that. My girls never let me. They were always my shopping buddies, though I was buying for them mostly—not for myself. They all have great taste. But where did they get it—had to come from me, right? Now, when there are three of them, you tend to allow them to set the pace. You have to. You’re outnumbered. Even now, when we go into the stores, they watch me like a hawk. “Did you just touch that piece of polyester? You might want to go wash your hands, Mother!” “Well, I didn’t recognize it as such. It was an honest mistake. I mislaid my hand. Sorry!”
Now, for someone who is seeking to delay the aging process, I live in the wrong place. Florida! …