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It's True! There's a Book Signing in Memphis!

All my Memphis and North Mississippi friends 
are so invited! Holly Joyner's House (Holly's my beautiful granddaughter!) 
115 Walnut Creek Road
Cordova, Tennessee 38018
Saturday, August 18, 2012 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

There is no more familiar place to me than Memphis. It was my town for many years. Like my coming-up trip to Clarksdale, going back to Memphis is always like going home again. I have so many ties to the old Bluff City.

My son and grandson are there! Sleepy head! This kid is amazing. Both of them are! They have lived in Midtown for well over ten years, almost as long as we've had Harrison, who is now thirteen! Where did the time go?

And, my granddaughters are there with their lovely families, which makes Memphis Town special, indeed.

This is Nichol and hers!

And this is Holly and hers!

So you can see, coming to my signing in Memphis will have lots of bonuses!

I won't be able to call names and put up photos of all the friends from the past, but I do want to menti…

We Lived and Breathed It—The Old South

This Delta Girl is proud to be going back —back to Clarksdale— this time to sign some books  and I want you to be there with me!
The Tourism Building In Historic Downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi Saturday, August 11, 2012 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
I know—I've been away for a long, long time. But I did go back nineteen years ago and after that trip, I began to write HOUSE NOT MADE WITH HANDS. I couldn't give up on it and some fourteen years later, I got it published. Here's a little excerpt from chapter one of my first book, my memoir, my love for the Mississippi Delta . . .

By the time the late fifties rolled around, my interest was not the surreptitious exodus out Fourth Street to Highway 61 North, for I knew nothing of it. Nor was it neighboring Tunica and the casinos, not yet a twinkle in Mississippi's eye. It was those oak-shaded streets—West Second, Catalpa, School, and Oakhurst Drive. It was Alan's and Powers' and Shankerman's department stores. And oh, yes, Wes…

For Some Reason

From Chapter 16 JOAB
When the house doth sigh and weep, And the world is drowned in sleep, Yet mine eyes the watch do keep, Sweet Spirit, comfort me.
Robert Herrick
The night was long and Joab slept little. Tossing and turning, thinking about the task at hand reminded him of the sleepless nights in Sarepta before he returned to Oxford Town. Was this the true meaning of bittersweet? He was fond of Will and felt a kindred spirit because of the war. Not only that, without motive of any sort, he was hopeful he could help Will. The purpose of the trip to Shiloh was to try and bring an end to the harbored hate and hostility. It was not Joab’s intention to stir up a hornet’s nest of a different sort, one that could potentially do even more damage. On the other hand, he was so in love with Aggie he couldn’t see straight. In moments of reprieve from sinister thoughts of how it would play out with Will Cavanaugh, Joab remembered the scene on the Stephens’ porch. The touch of her hand on his face, he…