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The Decision

I live the contrast. 
At times it takes me
far above the earth
to another world.
My husband tells me
I go there when I'm writing—
to that other planet,
sometimes making it impossible
to communicate properly to earth.
But he protects those times for me,
insisting that I go—go to that place
where no one follows.
It is in those times
that I am able to do what I do.

The Contrast.

I had no idea the dramatic separateness, the acute closeness, if that makes sense. It will when you read my story. Like when Solomon of old visited Queen Esther and learned "the half has never been told" —as I research what took place on the continent of North America in the strangest of times, I have found that same statement to be true on a different level. "The half has not been told." At least not unless you go searching for it. Oh, it's out there, mostly in the archives of the northern newspapers. God love those editors and journalists and proprietors who dared tell the real story at …