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For All These Reasons—

Sometimes it's with tears that
we are brought to remembrance
of what our forebears endured in
the fight for Southern Independence.
I've read a lot of history about the
four years that spanned the War
and about Reconstruction and the
miserable years that followed.
And if I had not been blessed
with access to letters from my
great-great grandfather, T.G. Clark,
to his wife—my great-great grandmother,
Marjory Brown Rodgers Clark
(Rachel in my stories)—
and their two sons,
Jonathan and Albert Henry,
written during the winter of
1861-62 and the first half of 63,
I might have been sceptical.
But they had no reason to glaze
over the facts while they sat on
some camp stool beside a blazing fire
in the mountains of Kentucky, feet
propped upon partially burned logs
for a measure of warmth on a night
so cold it was impossible to stay warm
any other way.

From that training camp near Paducah,
they started their long trek through
the snow and freezing rain towards
the Potomac River and death.

Bringing Honor to the Clark Legend!

JOAB went live today.
I'm always left with this numb feeling
when I hear those words.
Now what?
Well, first I have to wait
until I receive my author copies
so I can read the "book" for the
first time. It's always so much
more enjoyable to read a book
than to scroll through a
manuscript. Then I can let
everyone know that JOAB
is available at the publisher
and just about any on-line
bookstore worldwide.
I should receive my author
copies in about a week.
Then I'll let everyone know.

I am thankful, excited about the future
and what will become of JOAB
and the other books in The Trilogy.
I love my "real" family, and this experience
with my fictional family since 2005
has been incredible. They will always
be with me. I hope I have brought honor
to the "Clark" legend. My forebears
died for The Cause, for the Confederacy,
their country, my country—The Old South.
I will always be grateful for my heritage,
for those who went before me in such an
Forgetting Those Things . . .
We’re Almost There!

I talked with my publishing agent
this afternoon. All lights are green.
It's a "GO"!  I've signed off on
everything and JOAB will be 
released n a few short weeks.

Third in The Faithful Sons Trilogy,
this novel of the Old South
will take you back to a time
when emotions changed almost as
quickly as a mockingbird flits from
tree to tree. I hope I have captured some
of those emotions and that you will
open the pages with great expectations.
Whether you're from the North or South,
your heart will be warmed by memories
passed down from generation to generation.
Memories of a time when our country was at war
with itself and of the years that followed as the South
picked up the broken pieces and started all over again.

Rachel and Joab sat on the front porch swing that day, reminiscing about the war years, thinking about how the South had taken a beating, but more importantly, how they had lost the de…