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Greenville, SC Author Published Again
June 18, 2016

To Love Again: An Unforgettable Novel of the Gilded Age(Greenville, SC)— Jane Bennett Gaddy, published by iUniverse, Inc., Bloomington, Indiana, the leading provider of publishing technology solutions for authors, announced that TO LOVE AGAIN is now “live” and available at the publisher and at,, and will soon be available at all online bookstores worldwide and on Nook, Kindle and e-book.

TO LOVE AGAIN, a sequel to RACHEL, AFTER THE DARKNESS, and a compelling continuation of five southern novels, is the author’s best yet! Her son, Peter, also a writer, thinks so, too. He writes, “… you are engaged in the pursuit of the story. Eavesdropping on the lives and loves and secret words of a world you dared to imagine. There are so few things in this brutish life worth admiring. God's magnificent creation, music, true art and words. Strung together or left alone. Sewn, a quilt of emotion and thought. Beautiful glorious letters placed gently beside one another until they speak and, if you're lucky, they change someone's mind, or better yet, their life.”

And once again, Jane Gaddy blends reality with imagination to bring us another unforgettable narrative of the Old South.

Set in Sarepta, MS, and Manhattan Island, NY, worlds apart by virtue of custom and culture, in the year 1876 and forward, Gaddy, through her beloved heroic Rachel Payne, reveals the dreams and desires of all her characters collectively and individually, as time takes them beyond the disheartening years that followed the War Between the States, its aftermath, and into the next generation. They each have a story to tell, and though death and sorrow have, through the years, drawn lines of separation, Gaddy, in her novels, has kept the remaining characters bound with loving ties. 
To Love Again is well researched and penned to perfection as Rachel Payne, just three years following Rachel, After the Darkness, returns to the Granite Island—the land of immigrants, massive building projects, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge well over half finished in 1876—to the man she loves. Will the seemingly impossible happen? Beyond that, does she really have the right and permission to love again? And her friends—many of them are in the same pitiable condition. She will not forsake them.  

Gaddy has spent years exploring, fantasizing, and memorializing old southern landmarks of her ancestors, reliving what Rachel Payne, her fictional exemplar of every southern woman who lost blood and treasure to a cruel war, must have felt. Rachel, once again, dares to launch out into the deep when time takes her beyond the disheartening years to a new and gilded age. Follow as she experiences more of the compelling drama for which she is best known in these storied accounts.

The significance of the Brownstones and the Bridge and Robert E. Lee Payne, the third generation, foretells the hope and belief that another episode just might possibly follow.


Back Cover Amazon.jpgJane Bennett Gaddy, a native Mississippian, born in the Delta in 1940, is retired from one of the Southeast’s largest banks, where she was vice president, mortgage banking. She holds a Ph.D. in Religion, and after retirement, was dean of external studies and taught master’s thesis preparation and British and American literature at Tabernacle Baptist College in Greenville, South Carolina. She administers an American literature course for off-campus students of Bethany Divinity College and Seminary in Dothan, Alabama. She lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina with her husband and continues to write novels about the War years and those that followed. Other published works are her memoir, House Not Made With Hands, The Mississippi Boys, Isaac’s House, JOAB, and Rachel, After the Darkness. She is co-author of GIBBO—In My Life by Paul Andre Gibbons, an English-American Soccer Coach. Dr. Gaddy also ghostwrites religious articles published monthly for a large newspaper in the South.



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