Game On!

First signing at Atlanta Bread Cherrydale Point in Greenville, SC was awesome! Thank you, Jeff and Amber Massey for hosting us! It was great to see old friends from the past, new ones I had never met in person, and those that have kept in touch through the years. From as far away as Waynesville and Hendersonville, NC they came! And locals from Simpsonville, Easley, Piedmont, Travelers Rest, Greenville, Taylors—I couldn't believe it. I started signing at a little past 5:00 and hubs and I didn't leave until 9:00. I was able to get a few pictures, but if you were there and you have some to send me, please email to I will love you for that! 

Thanks to Claudia Burns for assisting me with this first signing. She is an incredible friend and stuck right with me till the end. She used her power and influence to get us in the TR electronic paper. They ran a great ad with a photo of the book cover. Travelers Rest is such a grand place to be and live and visit.

GREENVILLE, S.C — Local author Jane Bennett Gaddy will host a book signing event for her newest book, "To Love Again," on Fri., Aug. 5 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Atlanta Bread Cherrydale Point.

(The title is a hot button. Click on it and go directly to my book at Paperback is on sale! But if you are going to attend a signing, wait for me!)

A sequel to "Rachel After the Darkness" and a continuation of five southern novels, "To Love Again" blends reality with imagination to bring us another unforgettable narrative of the Old South.
Set in Sarepta, MS, and Manhattan Island, NY, worlds apart by virtue of custom and culture, in the year 1876 and forward, Gaddy, through her beloved heroic Rachel Payne, reveals the dreams and desires of all her characters collectively and individually, as time takes them beyond the disheartening years that followed the War Between the States, its aftermath, and into the next generation. They each have a story to tell, and though death and sorrow have drawn lines of separation through the years, Gaddy, in her novels, has kept the remaining characters bound with loving ties.

Atlanta Bread is located at 3203 Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville, SC
Great Job, eh!
I will be posting my book tour schedule soon, maybe this evening. I have twelve signings in Mississippi and Tennessee in the first three weeks of September. I was told I could not be gone a month this time! So I will be quickly hopping from one southern town to another. One of those days (September 15) I have three signings. In one day?  You're killin' me!

Thanks, friends, for attending the Atlanta Bread signing! It was great to see all of you, to sign my books, and fellowship for those hours. Let's go there again—soon!

Jane Bennett Gaddy


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