A Full Heart

Thoughts based on House Not Made With Hands

...the cupboard is empty, but the heart is full, written on a napkin and placed on a shelf in the empty refrigerator reminded me that day there is something extraordinary to a believing child of God as it concerns his daily provision.

Back in the early sixties, everything was not coming up roses for everyone. And for me to just pick up and move from the comfort of home and family to a place I'd never seen was a bit disconcerting. Yet, knowing from the start God would provide, we made our plans based on his promises.

There've been times in my life when I had no idea how God would meet a need. I've thought, this one is too big even for God. Then like the rain on a hot summer day kisses the parched earth beneath my feet and gives hope to the tiny lily bulbs stored below the surface of the soil, my Heavenly Father meets a specific need of mine in the same miraculous way.

I don't catch him off guard and unable to come through for me. He knows that I need food, drink, clothing, shelter. And if he feeds the birds of the air and clothes the lilies of the field... well, you know the rest of that story. He's going to take care of his children. He is the Great Provider, and that based on the loving condition—his expectation of us—seek ye first the kingdom of God...

What a great way to live! With an empty cupboard, a full heart, and the knowledge that a loving Heavenly Father knows where we are and what we need. I can seek first his kingdom and be surprised at his wondrous provision.

Matthew 6:33


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