Just Published!

Rachel, After the Darkness
went live at the publisher today!

And right now, I'm in Seventh Heaven!
Soon I will post the schedule for signings,
hoping that all of you, my friends, will join
me at one or two of these events.
I can't thank you enough for standing
by me and for supporting my books.
I have some wonderful opportunities
coming my way. Mine is to be found
faithful with my purpose for writing, always
to honor the Lord with content and in the
signing venues. This is my opportunity to give
something in return for what my ancestors
did for me in the preservation of the Old South,
even to giving their lives for a Cause that seemed,
at the time, lost, indeed.

From here the flame will never die. Our Mississippians
fought till the end to protect and preserve a way of life.
I can do no less, if only on paper.

Maintaining principles tinctured  by the blood
of Revolutionary patriots, illustrated by brilliant
military genius, borne forward by the intrepid, the
dauntless, the unconquerable valour of her sons,
she seemed destined to win assured existence in
the teeth of formidable odds, and to wrest her
independence from the hands of fate.

The Mediatorial Sovereign determined otherwise.
The crash of final disaster came,
and that country went down into the grave
wrapped in her own blood-dyed
and battle-torn starry cross, with all her disarmed and
broken-hearted children gathered round,
shedding the tears of an inconsolable grief.
Her sun, whose rays had dazzled the eyes
of the on-looking nations,
sank beneath the horizon, and beam after beam
of the receding splendor has vanished from the sky,
as hero after hero has descended to the tomb.
John L. Girardeau, D.D., L.L.D.
Rachel, After the Darkness
is dedicated to ...
my great great-grandmother Margery Brown Rogers Clark (Rachel in my stories)
and to The Order of the Confederate Rose, a support group for the
Sons of Confederate Veterans, who
sponsor the Margery B. Rogers Clark Memorial Scholarship
open only to Calhoun County, Mississippi High School Seniors.

Thank you, OCR, for supporting education in the name
of a wonderful woman of the South.
I'm proud to be in her blood line.

Jane Bennett Gaddy, Ph.D.
Trinity, FL
June 19, 2014


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