Soon I will See!

Rachel, After the Darkness—

The exhausting job of proofing the
book block and cover copy is over,
and soon I will see the final proofs
before we call this book published!
I can hardly wait. This is not easy. The
worst part is handing it back to the
publisher for the final dip. It has my
blood, sweat and tears all over it.
There is at least one error in every book
that has ever been published, but I crave
a perfect book. To clear my personal hang-ups,
I went to the shelves at Barnes and Noble and
laid my hand on Gone With The Wind.
I own a copy of this timeless tome,
but I wanted to do it this way, so I
opened it, and you know the intimidation
of a book designed with two columns
on a page, like The Complete and Unabridged
Works of  Flavius Josephus!
Yes, I opened it to the middle part of the
book and, low and behold, a mistake on
that very page. I looked no further. I was
convinced. So if you go searching my
book for a mistake, please don't tell me.
Just know I really did spend endless hours
searching for it. Believe me, we found plenty
as we edited, my husband and I. But in my final,
I could not find the mistake I know is out there.
Is it too good to be true?
But one thing good and true about Rachel, After the Darkness,
is my endorsement by Andrew M. Domarasky, Colonel,
United States Marine Corps (Retired). Colonel Andy
is amazing. We relived the War from a strategic
standpoint as I wrote Rachel. Though he is Yankee
out-and-out, I did make him an honorary Southerner
when he went online and purchased the beautiful emblem
of the Confederacy paperweight. Our common bond on that
is George Washington wearing his tri-cornered hat and
riding high-booted in the saddle.

When the "Café Eclectic" friends meet together for coffee
several times a week, I always look for his smile,
his voice and a hug. He is a real friend. And he is one among
many of the "few good men."
Semper Fi, dear friend.
And thank you for the endorsement!

Jane B. Gaddy
Trinity, FLA


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