First Signings are Always Fun!
The anticipation
of Saturday, July 19, 2014,
hoping all my friends and family will be there.
The unknown.
And somehow everything just
fell into place and I found myself
enjoying this Old Familiar Place like never before.
All my first signings are here at this grand old
"Café Eclectic" on a corner where North meets South.
Thanks, Friends, for being there for me.
You bought my books,
shared good times, coffee and pastry.
I loved that we met new friends
from as far away as Miami! And the constants were
there, of course, friends from Toronto and New York
and Pittsburgh, and Indiana and Maine and Florida and on and on!
I do feel outnumbered at times!

Follow the pictures of the Trinity Signing along the side.

And Look for my September Schedule  Soon!


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